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16 de dez de 2009

A Day in the Life....

of a magazine editor who attends front rows after meeting up with marc for lunch and then spending her nights in sparkly gowns... in a word what i would wish to do in the future....

9:00 AM: Wake up, conveniently in the bathtub where I can catch up on my reading….
9:30: Before I have my morning cup of coffee. Starbucks of course
10:00 AM: hit the gym where I get ready for bikini season… after all, you can’t wear a missoni bathing suit without having gisele's body
11:00 AM: arrive just in time at the vogue offices, where I have conveniently replaced anna wintour. And guess what?We have a model on the next cover!

12:00 PM: have lunch with marc where we discuss his next collection, what made him so fascinated with Victoria, and that andy Warhol interview…
1:00 PM: Fitting with Karl at his Chanel studio... i saw diane kruger in the waiting room. Hmm, possible Chanel campaign?
2:00 PM: front row at lanvin… alber albez is so cute with his bowtie! And is that lou doillon I see in the front row?
4:00 PM: catch up with the girls where we discuss Jane Austen, how to prevent global warming, the work of Chagall.... oh, and who Sienna is dating now
6:00 PM: meet up with orlando for dinner where we’re hounded by the paparazzi – at least im wearing my good jewellery
8:00 PM: get ready for a night out
9:00 PM: hit the streets for a much needed night of partying - went to Bungalow 8 where I saw Lindsay Lohan... sans Samantha Ronson!
2:00 AM: head back to my manhattan apartment... after all a good girl gets home before 3

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13 de dez de 2009

Sente o mistério...

Victoria em Londres.
Quero de natal.

Puro Luxo!

Casaco de paetês,Birkin com feiche dourado,Pump YSL!
Cena interessante...Fazendo estilo(?).
pois é!
Vestidinho malandro!

Louis Vuitton Party Girl

Totalmente perfeito este look,exceto por esses sapatos que eu acho horríveis ,mas tudo bem.A calça cenoura de cintura alta,com este cardigan bem leve,com transparência e este sutiã rosa neon combinaram perfeitamente inclusive com a maquiagem e cabelo. ^^



D&G Pre-fall 2010
Muitas bolinhas e babados.
Mas eu adorei,destas abaixo,gostei de todas!
e aquela sainha rosa de cintura alta? To querendo de natal!

9 de dez de 2009


Na minha opinião esse vestido e maquiagem que Mandy Moore usou em Bali estão perfeitos;
Combinou totalmente.
Adorei esse vestido preto,com detalhe nas costas,bordado,e mais detalhes na saia que digamos...é clássica.

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