16 de dez de 2009

A Day in the Life....

of a magazine editor who attends front rows after meeting up with marc for lunch and then spending her nights in sparkly gowns... in a word what i would wish to do in the future....

9:00 AM: Wake up, conveniently in the bathtub where I can catch up on my reading….
9:30: Before I have my morning cup of coffee. Starbucks of course
10:00 AM: hit the gym where I get ready for bikini season… after all, you can’t wear a missoni bathing suit without having gisele's body
11:00 AM: arrive just in time at the vogue offices, where I have conveniently replaced anna wintour. And guess what?We have a model on the next cover!

12:00 PM: have lunch with marc where we discuss his next collection, what made him so fascinated with Victoria, and that andy Warhol interview…
1:00 PM: Fitting with Karl at his Chanel studio... i saw diane kruger in the waiting room. Hmm, possible Chanel campaign?
2:00 PM: front row at lanvin… alber albez is so cute with his bowtie! And is that lou doillon I see in the front row?
4:00 PM: catch up with the girls where we discuss Jane Austen, how to prevent global warming, the work of Chagall.... oh, and who Sienna is dating now
6:00 PM: meet up with orlando for dinner where we’re hounded by the paparazzi – at least im wearing my good jewellery
8:00 PM: get ready for a night out
9:00 PM: hit the streets for a much needed night of partying - went to Bungalow 8 where I saw Lindsay Lohan... sans Samantha Ronson!
2:00 AM: head back to my manhattan apartment... after all a good girl gets home before 3

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